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The artist drags herself over the jagged edge of the Pit of Despair and deposits a filthy manila envelope at your feet. Before passing out, she instructs you to open it and consider the few illustrations she's managed to complete during her gruelling servitude under the Iron Fist of Priorities. You take the envelope from her limp, grimy fingers and open it, carefully withdrawing a small bundle of digisketches. "Hmm," you say to yourself as you begin to flick through them, observing with a keen eye; "These aren't too bad. But say, can we get some hawt Alucard/Seras next time?"
The artist dribbles back down into the Pit, self-esteem thoroughly munched, and upwards drifts the faint sound of a half-hearted scribble of a stylus on a tablet.......

Yes, so school has drained me. But I have managed to bring you Gifts of Beauty! Hellsing fanart and a couple original pieces. And voila, the First Teaser for my up-and-coming comic, Qualia!

Subject: A very young and un-bespectacled Walter Dollneazz
Link: Click!
Notes: Tried to imitate the glowing style of Solid&Etc here. Don't think I pulled it off - young Walter looks a bit bruised.

Name: "Humans Will Always Top Vampires!"
Subject: Integra, Alucard, and Avery (Lavinia's OC - Integra's eldest son)
Link: Click!
Notes: Inspired by a scene of Lavinia's. (The quote is hers as well - XD) Many, many things wrong with this picture. But yay for wallpaper.

Name: The Red & the Black
Subject: Alucard & Integra
Link: Click!
Notes: Okay. I admit, Alu's nose is very big. But look at Integra! ::points and claps gleefully:: Oh, and the background was one of my first experiments with the miracle of BRUSHES.

Subject: Noon & Fevain - original characters
Link: Click!
Notes: This is a colored version of a very old picture. Noon underwent a thorough makeover but Fevain remains extremely Thin White Duke-ish. (Intentional.) I love the coloring on this one.

Name: Qualia - cover
Subject: cover of my up-and-coming comic, featuring Slim and Iris.
Link: Click!
Notes: I wrote the script for this comic over the summer but I've not even made a dent in the illustrating. Don't expect to see it online just yet. Until I get a real website up and going, I don't want to even try publishing it. However, when I do get it rolling, it will be released in serial format, probably in a page-per-week arrangement with which I shall never follow through.

That's it for now. I should post some character studies I'm doing for my joint comic with Dad. He's writing a Buckethead fanfic (BWAHA. this amuses me on soooooo many levels.) and I am going to scriptify and illustrate it. I have got some very nice designs for dust devils and suchlike but I haven't scanned anything in yet. Eventually!

Oh, and check out my NaNoWriMo profile if you're interested, dahlings!
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