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Hellsing art today, loves. It's been a while, but I had a sudden burst of creativity today. These I did when I should have been working on the novel (two thousand words to go and I've reached the 50K mark required for NaNoWriMo!). Hope you enjoy.

Name: Dungeon
Subject: Unbound!Alucard, young!Integra, and bloody Chinese characters in the background which probably read along the lines of "So long and thanks for all the French fries!"
Link: Click!
Notes: From the dungeon scene. Alucard's just woken up from his twenty-year nap, and Integra's about thirteen. (Hence the small hands.) Alucard's just slaughtered Richard and all his men. Alucard's just made his vow of servitude to Integra, and she is accepting it.

Name: Lavinia's Boys
Subject: Lavinia's OCs, Avery and Artemis, Integra's two sons.
Link: Click!
Notes: Beta version. But getting there.

Both of these are dedicated to Lavinia, who is having a Bad Day.
Tags: axi, hellsing, oc
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