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Almost all Hellsing today. I hope y'all had good holidays. I know I did.

Name: Toddler
Subject: My OC Iris as a toddler, still with purple hair.
Link: Ta-daa.
Notes: I actually did this sketch a long time ago, as part of a series. This was the best, so I revived it with some color.

Name: Dog DAys
Subject: Integra and a non-Alucard greyhound.
Link: Here.
Notes: It's been a really long time since I've done any pencil sketching. I scanned this in and colored it in Photoshop. Yum.

Name: Fighter
Subject: Lolita-esque Integra, very OOC in midriff-baring outfit.
Link: Check it out.
Notes: This was an experiment with costume design and color. The brushes in the background (the parrot and the fighting roosters) I made myself, though I didn't draw them - I scanned them out of an old design book from the '40s. Don't ask me what parrots and fighting roosters have to do with Integra. I don't know.*

Name: Legshow
Subject: Lotegra, showing leg.
Link: Click.
Notes: Really, this pic was just an excuse to draw legs.

*However, if I were to take a wild shot in the dark, I'd say that the parrot represents her intelligence and beauty, and the fighting cocks symbolize her ruthlessness in battle. Or whatever.
Tags: hellsing, integra, original
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