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Catch it before it disappears!

I've recently discovered the magic that is Cabaret - or, more precisely, the magic that is Joel Grey. I was inspired, lieblings!

Title: Untitled
Subject: Joel Grey as the Emcee from Cabaret
Notes: If you haven't seen the film yet, you must. It's a film-noir/musical; how can you resist?

Title: Gluchlich zu Sehen!
Subject: Joel Grey (and kind of Alan Cumming*) as the Emcee - with a bow tie and a pimp cane!
Notes: To get the brushed-ink effect, I sketched the original in black Prismacolor marker, scanned it in color, and adjusted the hue to brown.

Title: Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome
Subject: The Emcee again.
Notes: Sketched this one with black Prismacolor marker, scanned it in on black & white, and touched up & added value in Photoshop.

Title: Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome v.2
Subject: Guess
Notes: Couldn't decide between this and the other version. Isn't he pretty?

Aaaaand we have some Hellsing art - all studies of outfits for Integra this time.

Title: Bandanna Halter Tops are Good for the Soul
Subject: Integra in extremely AU concert gear!
Notes: In no way do I actually believe that Integra would really and truly be caught (even dead) in one of these.

Title: Yay for Underwear
Subject: ...or conservative swimsuits.
Notes: Your pick.

Title: Sunday Morning Suit
Subject: Integra in her church clothes.
Notes: I like her shoes.

* Let me note that I am a Grey fangirl. I don't like what Cumming did to the Emcee. Suspenders belong tidily under a coat with tails, thanks kindly. Plus, hey, Joel Grey could sing. ::kicks Alan Cumming, even if he did play Nightcrawler::
Tags: cabaret, fanart, hellsing, integra
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