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A Small and Simple Offering

Well, I have several new masterpieces for your visual delight. Sadly, my dear Potheads and Hellfans, these are all original characters. Hope you enjoy them anyway.

These were all drawn with my lovely new tablet (which I still need to name - any suggestions?) with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.

Name: Sygnus
Subject: An OC from a thing I was/am writing. He appears to be wearing a muffin on his head, but do not worry, it is actually a hat.
Comments: Nothing too special about this one. Except that he's wearing purple. He usually never wears purple. But the earthtones weren't working out, so you get new-and-improved-violet-clad-Sygnus.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Name: Neon
Subject: A pastel blonde with tangerine hair. No one in particular.
Comments: Experimentation with French grays and color. I tried to achieve that shining-skin effect that Solid & Etc do/does so well, but I don't seem to have achieved it just yet. Still: I shall keep trying.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Name: Breakfast at Iris', or A Vist From the Relative from Hell.
Subject: Dubious Iris and smirking Arawn. Who appears to have stolen Bono's shades.
Comments: Smoking is bad for you. I shall refrain from gushing about my own work.

ETA: RRRRGH. ::IS INCOMPARABLY FURIOUS.:: PHOTOBUCKET IS THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING EVIL IN THIS UNIVERSE. Every time I upload something mind-blowingly fantastic (</irony>), it SHRINKS IT. WHY?! It was only a little over 200kb. They're only supposed to resize pics larger than 512kb. ::ALONG WITH BEING INCOMPARABLY FURIOUS, IS ALSO INCOMPARABLY CONFUSED.:: So, the link leads to my LJ scrapbook.

Click here.

ETA2: At least I finally recieved my subscription to Realms of Fantasy. I ordered the thing in like October, and they finally get around to sending it to me... I wonder if the other one will come in soon, too?
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