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Artdump! Sort of.

Mostly ink stuff today. All medium Bic-pen unless otherwise specified.

Name: Alex
Subject: Alex from Clockwork Orange.
Comment: This was a simple sketch on the back of a school assignment. Faux ink wash which involved a lot of finger-licking and scrubbing. My hands were a lovely shade of indigo when I was finished with this sketch. Given to Kyle, fellow Clockwork Orange afficiando.

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Name: Untitled
Subject: Alucard and some random squeeing girl.
Comment: Chibi. Be afraid.

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Name: Chad Quotes Monty
Subject: Guy from school.
Comment: This actually goes along with the following sketch. Chibi again.

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Name: Vi-i-olence
Subject: Kids having too much fun.
Comment: Once again, chibi.

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Name: "Green is not your color, Alucard."
Subject: Integra and Alucard from Hellsing
Media: Tablet/Photoshop
Comment: Drawn in response to one of lavinialavender's theories about her OC Jonathon giving Integra scarves as gifts since she doesn't appreciate jewelry, poetry, or flowers (generally speaking). Of course Alucard would sneer - but only because he didn't think of it first. (He wouldn't, though. He thinks she covers her throat up too much as it is.)

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And finally: I've started doing a series of chibicomics based on my family. They're simple ink sketches, but I'll try posting one or two a week (TENTATIVE). No cut - they're small.

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That's Kiwi on the left and Yours Truly on the right.
Tags: chibi, digital, hellsing, ink, literature
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