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stragglers, albeit pretty ones

Found a few more that I haven't posted. All originals; sorry, dear Pottheads and Hellfans. But they're pretty girls, if that helps any.

Subject: Four girls: Three grinning, one laughing
Links: One, two, and three.
Notes: Very sketchy. I'm quite fond of the first one, though. Not so much of the last one - the poor girl looks rather unfortunately like Freddie Mercury. ::gasp::

Subject: Gothloli chick in black frame with cute little spiderwebs, swirls, and lopsided hearts.
Link: Click!
Notes: Okay, maybe she's not as gothloli as I'd like. I was going for a scratchy, sketchy, pen-and-ink look and I think I got it down. Done entirely with the tablet.
Tags: girls, original, pen and ink, sketches, tablet
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